emperor penguins live in Antarctica

where do penguins live? where do emperor penguins live in Antarctica ?

Emperor penguins live (Aptenodytes forsteri) are native to Antarctica, and they exclusively live on and around the continent’s coastal areas and nearby ice shelves. These penguins are well-adapted to survive in extremely cold and harsh environments, making them the largest and heaviest of all penguin species. They are known for their remarkable ability to withstand…

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19 foot Burmese python

How 19 foot big Burmese pythons caught in Florida ? Features of Burmese python !

In Florida, a Burmese python measuring an astounding 19 feet in length was discovered. This remarkable python’s size is truly extraordinary and demonstrates the immense proportions that these snakes can attain. Burmese pythons, originally from Southeast Asia, were introduced to Florida as pets but have since established a wild population. They are renowned for their…

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